Investment Transactions

Wall Street wants people to think investing is simple. That way, investors are more likely to trust their financial advisors without taking a second to verify the investment.  In reality, investing is very complex.  We exist to help you understand these complexities before you make the investment.

An investment transaction is like any other business deal in that contracts must be drafted and executed.  These contracts are usually drafted by the companies offering and selling the securities and, therefore, will heavily favor the company over the investors.  We understand the standard provisions as well as the complex and unique aspects of investment transactions.

We advise our clients in connection with these contracts to ensure that our clients understand the deal as written in the contracts, and that our clients obtain fair and reasonable terms.

Over the years, we have helped individual investors, angel investors, private equity investors, and investment advisors negotiate investment management agreements, stock purchase agreements, subscription agreements, shareholder agreements, investor rights agreements, etc.  We advise clients in regards to investment transactions worth thousands or up to hundreds of millions.

Call us to discuss your situation on a confidential and complimentary initial basis.